How to upgrade to Windows 11?

You can easily upgrade from your current windows to Windows 11, you just need to check whether your device fulfills the requirement to upgrade to Windows 11 or not because it’s a must for your device to be compatible to upgrade to Windows 11. Microsoft has released the windows 11 operating system in October 2021 and it is available completely free to upgrade. Let us guide you on how to upgrade to Windows 11 most simply through this article.

Before starting the process check the device compatibility

You can use the PC checker app to check the compatibility of your device, this app will provide you a piece of complete information related to the eligibility of your system to upgrade to Windows 11.

Let’s begin the process of upgrading to Windows 11

Although, when your PC fulfills all the requirements of upgrading Windows 11 then it automatically pushes you with an update in your settings, you just have to follow these simple steps given below:-

  1. Click on the Start button.
  2. Click on Settings > Update & Settings.
  3. After this in windows update select to check on update.
  4. If there is an update available for the device then go for downloading and installing it.
  5. Tap on the Restart button.

When there is no update available to upgrade your PC to windows 11, You can still upgrade your system to window 11, let us tell you via below mentioned steps:-

1. Windows 11 Installation Assistant –

In case your system does not provide an update for windows 11 automatically then you can take the help of Microsoft’s Windows 11 Installation Assistant to upgrade your current window to Windows 11 after checking the compatibility of your PC, Here is how you can perform it –

  • Browse the download windows for 11 pages.
  • Click on the Download Now button in the Windows 11 installation assistant.
  • Move to run the Windows11InstallationAssistant.exe file.
  • Click on the Accept and Install button, after this your current windows will upgrade to windows 11.
  • After completing this process, you will have to restart your PC or you may wait for 30 mins timer to end to save you any open work.
  • Now, you may sign in to Windows again after its setup process then you will be in your upgraded Windows 11 OS.

2. Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool –

This is another method to upgrade to Windows 11 when there is no update available on your PC.

  • Go to the download windows 11 pages then click on the download now button in the Windows Installation Media Section.
  • Move to run the downloaded MediaCreationTool.exe file.
  • Accept the license terms, and select your preferred language and version of the windows which you want to install for your device.
  • You can select the option to copy the installation file to a USB drive or create an ISO file because you will need to burn it as a DVD later.

If you are selecting the option of a USB drive to copy the installation file, you should have a flash drive of a minimum of 8GB Storage inserted in your PC then the tool will download the Windows 11 and copy the file to the drive. After completing this whole process, open the drive and click on the setup.exe file to be in your upgraded windows 11 OS.

If you are going via the creation of an ISO file then select the location to download the file, double-click the file in the file explorer, and also double-click the setup.exe file.

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