How much is YouTube TV a month?

YouTube’s TV is the replacement of traditional cable service, it offers wide entertainment options at in base plan itself at very low cost. The answer of question “How mush is YouTube TV a Month?” may vary and depends what you want and what budget you can spend for your favorite channels.

YouTube TV has now become a most favorite streaming platform across multi countries as it provides access to almost all international and local channels. It has taken place of local TV in very short span.

How much is YouTube TV a Month?

YouTube TV offer its Base Plan at $62.99 per month for first three month and then renewal happens at price of $72.99 per month. It includes over 100+ channels, however if you want, you can add more channel as per your choice. Additional Channels may change your complete plan price a Month.

YouTube TV also offers two more plan, Spanish plan and NFL Sunday Ticket Bundled or Standalone. In Spanish Plan you will get 30+ live channel 6 household account and 3 streams at price of $34.99 per month. In NFL Sunday Ticket Bundled or Standalone plan you can view Sunday afternoon NFL game Live. It will cost you starting at 4 payments of $87.25 $87.25 for a total of $349.

To check which all channel you can add, enter your zip code on YouTube TV Channel Offering page and check all available channels. Price will also depends the offering in different countries and tax’s levies for providing streaming services. For

YouTube a month offers best price as of now comparing to other channel. Check below comparision.

YouTube Tv Price Comparison per month

How much is Youtube TV a Year?

YouTube Offers only Month on month Subscription and there is no option for yearly subscription. But if you calculate a yearly cost of subscription it will be $845.88 exclusive of taxes.

The Total yearly cost will depend on additional channel you add as per location of yours. If you compare yearly charges of other Cable TV provider it will be higher compare to YouTube TV Yearly cost.

Which all channels are available?

YouTube Offers more then 100+ live channels and additional channel to choose. Subscription can add channels as per their choice. Below is the list of channels.

Channel List offered by YouTube TV

Additional Channel List

Additional Channels Offered by YouTube TV

Although All of these channels are offered by traditional Cable operator however YouTube TV Subscription has benefit of price and availability. It help you to manage your TV budget and you can save approx. 20 to 30% compare to other operators.

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