How to create a Desktop Shortcut?

Desktop shortcut refers to files displayed on the desktop in the form of shortcuts so that those files can be accessed easily and quickly. However, there are a number of methods for creating a desktop shortcut. Users can select their preferred option. In this article, we’ve talked about two ways to create shortcuts. To create a desktop shortcut, right-click on the desktop > Browse file location > Choose file location.

Methods to create a desktop shortcut

a) Desktop Menu –

    •  Do the right click on the free space available on the desktop then click on the New option then another dialog box will appear from there select the Shortcut option.


    •  Window will appear on the screen from that browse the file location or we can directly put the address of the file for which you have to create a desktop shortcut.


    •  After selecting the file location click on the Next option which is there at the bottom of the same window.


    • Write the name of the shortcut file and choose the icon for it then click on  Finish.


b) File location –

1. Find the file or application location for which you want to create a shortcut.


2. Select the file or application then right-click on it.


3. Select the option to create a shortcut from the dialog box.


4. Move the shortcut to desktop screen to access.


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