Drag a Window on your Computer Desktop

It is a very simple process, it is about moving a window from one place to another. We can drag a window by using a mouse and keyboard to learn the methods step by step, you can go through our article. we have explained here how you can drag a window on your computer desktop in a very simple way.

Methods to Drag a Window on your Computer Desktop

There are two ways to drag windows on your computer desktop with help of a mouse as well as a keyboard by pressing specific keys.

Drag a window from Mouse

  1.  Move towards a window that you want to drag after resizing it.
  2. Click on the title bar of the window, hold the left button of the mouse drag the window to the location where you want to locate it.

Drag a window from Keyboard

  1.  Go to that window which you want to drag, press the key Alt+ Spacebar then the window menu will appear.
  2.  Window menu will have appeared in the top right corner, press the down arrow select the Restore option then press the Enter key.
  3.  Press the Alt + Spacebar once again then press the down arrow twice to select the Move option.
  4.  To move a window, press arrow key in any direction.
  5. Press the Enter key after locating the window.

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