Login to Spotify web player and Access millions of songs

To log in to the Spotify web player, go to the open.spotify.com website, then click the Login option and enter your username and password.

The Spotify web player is an online browser version of unlimited music provider Spotify. With the stable internet connection you can easily access your favorite music and make your playlists for unlimited entertainment. For popular online streaming music service helps you to listen all the latest music collections without downloading the application on device.

How to login to Spotify web player?

For signing into spotify web player you need to simply enter the username and password so let’s start with simple guide to login into your spotify account:

  • On your preferred web browser, visit the open.spotify.com.
  • Now, tap on the Log In option.
  • It will ask you to enter the login credentials.
  • Enter the username and password.
  • Remember instead of username you can also enter the email address.
  • Click on the Login option.
  • Enjoy unlimited music and create your own playlist.

How to sign up on Spotify web player?

If you’re already an spotify user then you’ve the login credentials but if you’re new for spotify web player then you need to simply create a spotify account. Before going to start begins the sign up procedure remember that you can use Google, Facebook, Apple, and Phone number for verification of authorized identity.

Create Account on Spotify with Google Account

Visit the Spotify web player official website and tap on the Sign up option. Now, select the “Sign up with Google” option and enter your basic required details such as Email address, Username, Date of birth, Gender. When you tap on the next option you need to accept the terms and conditions for sign up.

Create Account on Spotify with Facebook

Visit the open.spotify.com website and now select the “Sign up with Facebook” option. Enter your Facebook ID and password for successful syncing. Tap on the continue option so that spotify will access your Facebook account. Enter your required details and accept the terms and conditions for sign up.

Sign up on Spotify with Apple ID

Go to open.spotify.com website and tap on the sign up option. This time you need to select the “Sign up with Apple ID” option and enter the Apple ID and password. If it ask you to verify your Apple ID then enter the verification code and tap on the continue option. Once you complete the profile information accept the terms and conditions of spotify and click on the Sign up option.

Sign up on Spotify with Phone Number

On your preferred browser visit the open.spotofy.com website and click on the “Use Phone number” option. Now, it will ask you to register your number and select the next option. Once you enter the 6-digit code you need to click on the Next option. Fill the information and agree the terms and conditions. At last, select the sign up option.

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