Why is Facebook not Working?

Facebook is not working occurs due to a software glitch. You’ll need to update or reinstall the Facebook app. If you’re having issues with Facebook follow the five common ways of resolving this problem.

How to Fix issues in the Facebook App?

Reload the Web Page if Facebook is not Working :

If you’re using Facebook on your Android or Windows Web browser then you have to reload your web page by clicking on the refresh icon that appears at the top of the page. You have to close the Facebook tab and open it in a new tab. Windows users can also refresh the browser by holding Control and F5 key on the keyboard.

Clear your browser’s cache :

Sometimes, Facebook not working because of the browser’s cache. For fixing this issue you’ll need to clear the browser’s cache. When you clear the cache your Facebook will automatically log out. For clearing the cache follow the following steps :

  • Open the web browser.
  • Now, at the top of the browser page, you’ll see the “More” option.
  • Click on “More tools” > Clear Browser cache and cookies.
  • You can also select the time range “All Time”.
  • Select the boxes that what data or history you want to delete.
  • Click on the “Clear data” option.

Close and reopen the app :

If you’re using a Facebook app on your device then you’re suffering from a software glitch. I suggest you, close the app and sign out. Now, after waiting for a while reopen the Facebook app again and sign in to your Facebook account again. This may resolve your issue.

Restart your device for fixing your Facebook :

Restarting your device may solve your issue because sometimes Facebook hangs up. At that time for resolving this issue, you’ve to restart the computer or android.
Windows: Click on the “Start menu” > “Power icon” > “Restart”.
Android: Press the right external button and click on the “Restart” option.

Update or Reinstall the Facebook app if it is still not working :

When your Facebook is out of date or incompatibility may cause this issue. Then you have to update your Facebook app.

  • Update the app: Open the Play store and search Facebook click on the update option.
  • Reinstall the app: Click on the Facebook app and click on the uninstall option. Now open the Play store and reinstall the latest version of Facebook.

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