What is Internet?

The Internet is a network of computers used worldwide by millions of users for communication purposes. It is a system of interconnected networks, websites, or web pages that people use every day to communicate over vast distances and across different computer platforms. It is an interconnection of computer networks that allows you to connect computers to communicate directly.

Online Services Offered by the Internet –

  • Web: A web is a collection of websites store on a web server and connected to local computers via the Internet.
  • E-mail: This is an easy way to send and receive messages through it.
  • Graphics: The use of art, and diagrams for interpretation and to make the material attractive. These graphics are used in online searches on the Internet.
  • Online gaming: Online games are also available and provided by online services. It is a good online source of entertainment.
  • Social media: These are websites and apps that allow their users to view and share social media content.
  • Software update: Applications and operating systems are updated through it.

Uses  :

  • Online Booking and Orders
  • Cashless Transactions
  • Education
  • Online Banking and Trading
  • Research
  • Social Networking
  • Navigation

How Does It Works?

The two main components that maintain its functionality –

  1. Packets
  2. Protocols

In networking, the facts which are being transmitted through the internet are dispatched through small segments which are later translated into bits and the packets get routed to their endpoint (destination) through one-of-a-kind networking devices i.e. Routers or switches. Then, once the packet arrives at the receiver’s stop, that small chunks of statistics get reassembled in order to utilize or take a look at the statistics that he/she requested. That’s why they’re used to push ease in networking and big records may be effortlessly sent through sending small gadgets and this entire technique of sending/receiving small bits is known as Packet Switching.

What kinds of connections does the Internet provide?

  • DSL
  • Dial-Up
  • Cable TV Connection
  • Satellite
  • 3G/4G/5G

What are the Advantages of the Internet ?

  • Internationally people can find substantial figures with a search of the Internet and several search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
  • Information about something and its entirety can then be searching for on the Internet without books and libraries to trace the data.
  • With the advent of the Internet, e-commerce has become universal and international. People these days opt for online shopping to visit the markets and make some purchases because then it saves time and effort. Also, there are more options available on the net to choose from.
  • Then, the net accelerated communication over long distances, resulting in humans talking internationally with friends and families.



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